Crazy parent

Is it just me or are there people parents that are going crazy because i feel like loosing my head if she yells again


A Fake using your foto

Well seems like i get in trouble for posts on facebook and this women is using my picture on her profile and my mother thinks I’m using that account and the more i tell her it is not mine the more she tells me i need to change it if someone does that to you i will send you the owner of facebook number and you can send that person’s account to him and they will have the person remove your name and foto from their account don’t let people make you look stupid

The Fake Jake Miller on Insta and Facebook

So here is my first post about the fake Jake Miller everybody knows he is a famous singer and all right now we don’t know who he is dating or not but this is not about him this is about a guy who lives in Nigeria who posed as Jake Miller he tells girls that he is not using the original account but the real one does then when you fall in love with this person he sends you the account that he use on hangouts so this is fake he will tell you he loves you and sweet talk you to do anything for him he is a fake he steels money from these girls by using Jake Miller’s name he got me fooled and stole money from me so girls this is a lesson for all of us if something that the guy tell you starts getting fishy then he is playing you and he is a fake there are many ways to catch a fake person by creating a fake account your self and ask questions find out what this person is afraid of and scare them with it you will see how fast they confes to you i tried it and it worked out perfectly for me and now i moved on to a new guy who does not lie to me hopes this helps all of you who has a fake person.

Signed your blogger Belinda Reynecke.